#Pacific Ocean AI | Artificial Intelligence for Pacific Ocean

#AutoMarineSys | Autonmous Marine Systems

#SEA.AI | Detecting floating objects early | Using thermal and optical cameras to catch also objects escaping conventional ­systems such as Radar or AIS: Unsignalled crafts or other floating obstacles, e.g., containers, tree trunks, buoys, inflatables, kayaks, persons over board | System computes input from lowlight and thermal cameras, using Machine Vision technology, deep learning capabilities and proprietary database of millions of annotated marine objects | High-resolution lowlight and thermal cameras | Real-time learning of water surface patterns | Searching for anomalies | Distinguishing water from non-water | Comparing anomalies with neural network | Recognize objects by matching combination of filters | Augmented reality video stream combined with map view | Intelligent alarming based on threat level | Detecting persons in water | On-board cameras with integrated image processing | Providing digital understanding of vessel surroundings on water | SEA.AI App on smartphone or tablet

#SailDrone | Ocean Data Solutions with Autonomous Surface Vehicles

#Avikus | Developing autonomous navigation solutions for vessels | HiNAS for large merchant ships | Displaying detected ships and navigation information in AR images | Sensor fusion technology | NeuBoat for boats | NAS, Navigation Assistant System | BAS, Berthing Assistant System | DAS, Docking Assistant System

#Open Ocean Robotics | Solar powered autonomous boats | Real time information to protect oceans | Sensors, cameras and communication devices capturing information | Solar powered boats can travel nonstop for months, without producing any greenhouse gas emissions, noise pollution or risk of oil spills | ASVs (Autonomous Surface Vehicle) can monitor for oil spills, detect intentional dumping

#WINDWARD AI |Decision Support Platform to Accelerate Global Trade | AI-DrivenVessel Profile | AI-powered solution for accurate, real-time visibility, including vessel tracking and container tracking

#Seaber | AI assisted planning of fleet schedule | Algorithm assisted optimization of schedule and fleet TCE as you plan | Controllin bulk cargo orders, fleets and vessel utilisation, port timings and rotations | AI-driven Optimisation Platform for Port Operations

#Orca AI | FleetView for fleet operators and management | SeaPod | Artificial intelligence-based maritime navigation assistant, watchkeeper | Automated object detection and prioritization | All marine object detection | Curbing marine mammal strikes | Reducing whale mortality rates

#Ocean Infinity | Data AUVs collect at Morro Bay help Equinor develop and refine its floating offshore wind farm design and inform site assessment, construction and operations plans

#Seakit International | MaxLimer | Uncrewed surface vessel

#SeaRobotics | Unmanned Marine Systems & Engineering | Autonomous Surface Vehicles | Sensor suites

#Nvidia | GPU computing | AI Development Platforms and SDKs

#Heliogen | Decarbonizing industry with concentrated sunlight